We are fast-paced, work in a team environment, and wear multiple hats.

Aaron Moore

Creative Director & Founder

To suggest that I “go to work” is funny. The people with whom I am privileged to spend my time, designing and collaborating, make every day enjoyable. Work is different when you love what you do.

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Andy Bonner

Design Manager

I have always loved making things-from cardboard sculptures as a kid to electric guitars today. What never stops is my desire to make every experience unique, and I'm grateful to have a job where I can do that every day.

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Caroline Torba

Account Manager

It is true that I love numbers. I like my graphing calculator and my spreadsheets. But I think what really inspires me are the talented and unique people with whom I work. They are passionate, smart, and fun. And they design with their personalities. I am driven to achieve so that they may continue designing.

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Neal Shaffer

Communications Director

Effective communication is all about finding the right voice. The right way to say something so that it creates a spark on the other end. To accomplish that goal requires not only the right words but also the right strategy, the right tone, and the right design. Here at OE I get to spend every day putting those pieces together and that, well, is kind of awesome.

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Nicolette Cornelius

Senior Designer

I have always been fascinated with design...even as a child, before I realized exactly what it encompassed. Design is constantly evolving: therefore, I will continually be challenged by its possibilities. I'm excited to design at a place where I can continue to learn both from my occupation and those whom I work beside.

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Kuoting Lian


As a designer, I feel like you can gain inspiration from virtually anything and everything. I especially love ideas that spark from the simplest things. We are problems solvers. We create things that impact the lives of people in big ways.
I strive everyday to be better and
challenge myself.

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