And the Winner Is...

November 19, 2012  |  Elements

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 2012 Gift Wrap Giveaway! It didn't quite carry the drama of late-night Election Day vote counting, but it was arguably more fun. 

The tally is complete and certified and the winner is... Seth Kaiser. A designer who's new to the shores of Charm City, Seth came in with 3 out of 7 correct guesses, which while it doesn't sound high is actually pretty impressive for someone who had never met any of us before. If this was baseball he'd be hitting .429. 

That's Seth above, taking stock of his haul of Orange Element goodness when he stopped by the office to say hello. Which allows us to report that in addition to being a winner, he's quite a nice guy.

Join us in congratulating him, won't you?

And now, since we know you're dying to know, here's the complete list of correct answers. Enjoy!

(For larger versions, visit the original contest entry page. For one-by-one descriptions of the process and inspiration behind each, visit the contest announcement post.)

Pattern One (Drawings) -- Neal

Pattern Two (Monkeys) -- Kuoting

Pattern Three (Abstract) -- Andy

Pattern Four (Maze) -- Aaron

Pattern Five (Engineering Drawings) -- Caroline

Pattern Six (Logos) -- Nicolette

Pattern Seven (Letters) -- Dave