Gift Wrap 2012 Mystery Paper #5 (of 7)

October 31, 2012  |  Elements

Only two more to go after today and then the contest goes live. Here's the latest:

One of the goals in designing my wrapping paper was simply to explore pattern-making, and see what could be accomplished using a minimal amount of shapes. I've never really done that to the level this allowed me to, so it was both a challenge and a fun exploration into what's possible. My ultimate goal was to create a modular geometric pattern, incorporating visual complexity based on the viewer's own perception.

Once I started to explore different patterns made with a triangle, I stumbled onto a pattern that started to bring illusion into the mix. What you'll see in my final design is a pattern that can be interpreted several different ways. Some see a matrix of cubes, some see multi-pointed stars, and some see a web of stars and nodes in the negative space the shapes create. Having the pattern complete, I began to explore color, and thought about how that would also impact a viewer's perception of the shapes. It was very interesting to see how much this pattern changes with a few simple tweaks to the coloration.

The final step was to add shading or texture to the shapes. This was important to me because it added a tangible quality to the shapes. It also reminded me of printing and design techniques of the past, and that being one of my inspirations, was the final touch that made my wrapping paper feel complete.