Gift Wrap 2012 Mystery Paper #3 (of 7)

October 30, 2012  |  Elements

Greetings from the better side of Hurricane Sandy, and from all of us at OE we hope you and yours were spared the brunt of it. As you start to work your way back into the routine, here's hoping our wrapping paper contest can provide a small diversion and a smile or two.

We'll be posting two today, and here's the first one:

I have always enjoyed the results of my work when using scale, overlay, and style pairings to create depth in composition. Ask anyone at Orange and they will tell you (laughing) how much I like to suggest pushing work beyond a 2-dimensional plane. For me, this is a comfortable style that produces great results. But how boring it would be to do the same thing yet again.

For this year’s paper, I set parameters to force my thinking away from this comfort zone.
I wanted to work with one color and one dimension to create a pattern that would function nicely for wrapping gifts. I also wanted the pattern to be very intricate and non-repetitive.
 By golly, it has been done before - a maze!

My paper is a custom 4-pixel traditional branching maze. I used a technique called “passage carving” to make winding dead-ends that challenge maze-goers to find the solution. This maze combines several attributes of different maze styles, most notably drawing reference from the “blind alley” style. If you’re interested, click here for a link to the many definitions of mazes

You too can make a maze. Click here to learn how I made this one

Good luck - if you solve it, you will be rewarded with one of the secrets to living a happy life!

Send us a photo of you holding up your finished maze to!