Gift Wrap 2012 Mystery Paper #1 (of 7)

October 25, 2012  |  Elements

Here it is, folks: the first thumbnail and description for the 2012 Orange Element Wrapping Paper Contest. Which member of our team matches this design?

Soak it in, give it some thought, and stay tuned for more!

Growing up, I was always really in to math and geometry. To me, math was like fun mystery puzzles for me to solve as a kid. For my wrapping paper, I wanted to combine that love of math with my grown up love of design. I wanted a very geometric pattern, but I also wanted it to be unexpected. So, I started by playing with tessellations and seeing what different kinds of shapes or animals that I could make from it. After rounds of various creatures from the animal kingdom, a very cheeky monkey was born.

For the overall layout and colors for the pattern, I gained inspiration from the angular geometric patterns of New Mexico textiles, which are very close to my heart. In all my years of visiting New Mexico, I’ve always been really attracted to the beautiful artwork and turquoise jewelry native to the land. I loved getting to combine some of that aesthetic with a little bit of math and monkey business.

Oh, and fun fact, not all the monkeys have the same faces…can you spot the different ones?