Let's Hear It, Baltimore

July 27, 2012  |  Baltimore

Every city, even a great one, always has room for improvement. There’s no limit to the growth a city or community can achieve as long as there’s a strong unified will to want to make it better. And that’s where Neighborland comes in.

Neighborland is a safe place where people can connect and share ideas and goals with other locals in the community by filling in the blank of the statement:

“I want ___________ in my neighborhood.”

Through this open forum of ideas, people can begin to find others who share the same desire to make their home a better place. From there, steps towards tackling the issues can be made. Just check out all the ways Neighborland has already helped fuel change in New Orleans. Neighborland has recently just expanded their reach to the Baltimore area and already there are some great ideas churning. Go ahead, add your voice to the mix or find others who share the same desire for positive change in your community, and get something started!

One thing I’ve always noticed and love about Baltimore is the strong sense of city love and pride. Baltimoreans love this city for all the things that make it unique and special and are always looking for ways to do their part for the greater good. And well, Neighborland is a pretty cool way to help us get the ball rolling.