OE Loves Bmore

OE Loves Bmore

June 28, 2012  |  Baltimore

With all this B-more love going around from the Live Baltimore “What We Love” Campaign, we thought we’d join in on the fun.

What we love about our OE office is location, location, location. It is a really beautiful historic row home in the heart of Fells Point. Which means that lunch times are always fun here in the office. Some local favorites that we happily stroll to are: Tortilleria Sinaloa, Javaroo @ Mr. Yogato, Broadway Market, and Little Italy Pizzeria. We also have an amazing view of St. Patrick Church and enjoy listening to the bell toll on those late Wednesday nights.

So when posed with the question “What do you love about city life?” - here’s what everyone in the office had to say.

Aaron: I love the start of baseball season and the promenade that now completely surrounds (and connects) waterfront neighborhoods.

Caroline: I love that Baltimore always surprises people who visit here. It has so much more character and so many more things to do than most people know.

Dave: I love the painted lady row homes in Charles Village and their expansive, tunnel vision porches.

Andy: I love all of the unique restaurants, neighborhood grocery stores, and food options in Baltimore. There's nothing you can't get here! Also the historic sites hidden all throughout the city.

Kuoting: I love a lot of things about Baltimore, but what I love most is my neighborhood, Fells Point. Even though I’ve only been here a little more than a year, all my neighbors treat me like family. Oh, and all the amazing FOOD everywhere!

Neal: I love the fact that every day in Baltimore gives me an opportunity to see something I've literally never seen before. From architecture to small business to green space to the diverse population, this city has an endless capacity to amaze and delight.

Nicolette: I love living in Fells Point! It allows me to be able to walk to all of the surrounding neighborhoods (and to work!) which all have endless amount of things to do, places to go and people to see. You can never be bored living here!

In the following weeks, we will be posting #bmorewhatwelove photos of us out with the “What We Love” bus shelter photo booths, the places we love, or anything that makes Bmore awesome to our Orange Element Twitter Page and Facebook Page. So be on the lookout for those!

Join in on the fun yourself by using the #bmorewhatwelove hashtag on Twitter or hop on to LiveBaltimore.com/WhatWeLove to upload your stories and photos and find out where the bus shelter photo booths are popping up.