New Work: Live Baltimore "What We Love" Campaign

New Work: Live Baltimore "What We Love" Campaign

June 26, 2012  |  Baltimore

Surely and steadily over the past few weeks our latest work has been spreading across the city. You may have seen the photo booths or the stickers and it's probably popped up in your social media feeds, posing a simple but powerful question:

What do you love about city life?

Live Baltimore "Something to Love" cling

It’s all part of a campaign we created with Live Baltimore called What We Love. Together with their team we worked to create a campaign that builds off of the iconic “I ♥ City Life” message and infuses it with new energy, thus updating the Live Baltimore brand as a whole and positioning the organization for growth heading into the future.

The challenge here was as fun as it was interesting: how do we capture and speak to something as diverse, vibrant, and multi-faceted as city life in Baltimore?

With that goal in mind we knew we needed more than a slogan. We needed to speak with and for people rather than to them. Which meant that rather than try to make something up, our work was really about uncovering and showcasing what’s right here and always has been.

It’s the parks, the restaurants, the boutiques, the hardware stores, the churches, the community centers, the golf courses, and the thousands of other things that combine to make up this place we call Baltimore. Everyone loves their own slice of it in their own way, and that’s what makes it great. The What We Love campaign is a way to deliver those nuggets straight from the source – the people who live and work here.

At its core, this is a brand campaign with two driving elements: grassroots community outreach and social aggregation.

On the grassroots side, we created messaging and designed collateral (stickers, window clings, handouts), outdoor advertising, and a “photo booth”, all featuring campaign branding/copy inviting people to share what they love. Each of these components provides opportunity for individualized storytelling in the communities, whether at Live Baltimore events or at local businesses and establishments. The window clings designate a business or place as “Something to Love” while the stickers provide write-in space for users to use that designation for anything they want.

On the social side, we worked with Live Baltimore to create a campaign-branded landing page that pulls in Baltimore-centric content from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram via both the #BmoreWhatWeLove hashtag and integration with Live Baltimore’s existing accounts.

We were also careful to not exclude folks who aren’t active on social media – there’s a form for “What We Love” story submissions as well, which will be collected and shared by Live Baltimore staff.

Add it all up and we have the makings of a living, breathing celebration of everything that makes living in Baltimore City special. We couldn’t be happier to be working on this with the Live Baltimore team (it’s an amazing group over there) and we’re looking forward to helping it go and grow into the future.

And, while we're at it, remember that Live Baltimore is an outstanding resource if you're thinking about buying a home (or another home) in the City. Reach out the them and say hello!