Farm to Your Table

Farm to Your Table

June 8, 2012  |  Baltimore

A brand new local market is opening TODAY here in our good ol’ neighborhood of Fell’s Point and we couldn’t be more excited. Fleet Street Market is located at 2001 Fleet Street, on the southeast corner of Fleet and Washington Street. Their hours are 10am to 8pm on Monday through Friday and 9am to 7pm on Saturday through Sunday. When I talked to the owner, Claudette Torbey, I asked her where her inspiration for this market came from and why she wanted to open the store. This was her lovely response:

“I opened the market for love of food and community, in equal parts. I live five blocks from the store and got irritated that there was no fresh foods within walking distance. If I needed crusty bread, some parsley or feta, I had to walk 20 minutes to
Whole Foods or lose my parking spot, which no sane person wants to do after 5pm. I feel like quality food stores make a neighborhood a better place to live. It can even be a source of pride. One of the things I'm most anxious about is that I create a market that's worthy of my neighbors. Give them the local, the fresh, the artisan goods that they want. I've lived in Butcher's Hill for only two years, but it's been an amazing place for my family- people are really welcoming and we're so close to Patterson Park. The one thing that was really missing- that really would make this area more walkable- was a market. There are all these great restaurants but no place to pick up food to prepare something at home.” 

We love to support our local businesses here around the office and Fleet Street Market won’t be an exception. What I love most about this new market is how the community has come together to help out a neighbor. Claudette has received lots of generous help and support through the community from people helping lay down floors, fix doors, and paint murals; a true product of neighborly love in Fell’s Point. I look forward to checking out locally sourced goods right here in our backyard. Claudette also plans to include in the near future a deli for made to order sandwiches, coffee bar, and a weekend baker. You can stay up to date on their progress and details for their Grand Opening event in July by visiting their Facebook Page. And while you’re at it, you can let your neighbors know that Fleet Street Market is something to love about Fell’s Point and post it to Live Baltimore’s What We Love page, Facebook, Twitter, or tag #bmorewhatwelove. 

Here’s to local, fresh, and delicious food.