New Work: Saint Agnes Hospital "Patient Stories" Video Series

New Work: Saint Agnes Hospital "Patient Stories" Video Series

May 15, 2012  |  Branding

It’s no secret that, often, the best work happens when you combine healthy doses of creativity and collaboration. Such was the case with our latest project, which we’re excited to announce today: the “Patient Stories” video series for Saint Agnes Hospital here in Baltimore, MD.

The hospital’s internal marketing team sought an innovative way to put their patients’ success stories to work in service of storytelling that supports the hospital brand. We worked with them to concept and deliver a series of 2-3 minute mini documentaries, along with 30-second broadcast edits, featuring real patients talking about how their lives have been improved as a result of treatment from the Saint Agnes team. 

We concepted the film series and established top-level narrative outlines and key messages for each subject in coordination with Saint Agnes. We worked with each of the patients to prepare them for the interviews and shoots, and talked to them in advance to draw out key points from each story. We then teamed up with our film and production partner, Shine Creative, to execute according to the creative brief. We worked closely with Shine to ensure creative direction, consistency with the brief, and brand messaging on behalf of Saint Agnes.

Embedded below are one full-length video from the series along with its companion broadcast edit. Head over to the Orange Element Vimeo page to see the full series so far. We’ll be making two more, as well, so stay tuned here to the blog for future updates.