It's Quite Possible That I'm Your Third Man

It's Quite Possible That I'm Your Third Man

February 6, 2012  |  Technology

Orange Element is now the proud owner of a Third Man Records Portable Record Player.

Straight out of Nashville, Tennessee Third Man Records is the brick and mortar brainchild of producer, songwriter and musician Jack White. They record, print and press vinyl records right there in the store (the majority of which are produced by Jack). The rest of the building is set up as a record label, photo studio, dark room and venue. Any White Stripes fans out there may recognize the name "Third Man" from the song "Ball and Biscuit" or from Jack's former career at Third Man Upholstery. The black and yellow color scheme, which was a big part of the upholstery business has nicely found its way into the brand of the record company.

There is much to be said for what Third Man Records is doing for the music industry.
At the forefront, it's promoting musicians and an authentic music experience.
This authenticity that makes owning and playing records so appealing. We've certainly caught the bug at Orange Element as a few of us have begun to scour the internet for
7" vinyls.

The Portable Record Player comes with USB capabilities, software for ripping audio, a belt driven turntable with three speeds, automatic return tone arm and diamond stylus needle, adjustable tone control, and dynamic full range speakers. I'm not exactly sure what all of those features entail but I can tell you the sound is amazing.

Drop on by sometime and we'll let you have a listen. Remember, your turntable's not dead.

Fun Fact: Currently available at the Fells Point Sound Garden: White Stripes White Blood Cells, self-titled, and De Stijl vinyl albums.