— Design for Humanity — Design for Humanity

September 29, 2011  |  Environmental

Applied arts like graphic design are often motivated by clients who need to add value to their brand. However, there are those who use design to help clients without a budget, a logo, or even a voice. The thought leaders at IDEO have taken this route with their launch of

“Join in our mission to bring human-centered design to the humans who need it most—those facing poverty every day. We’re teaming up with nonprofits, social enterprises and foundations to innovate solutions to the world’s most dire poverty-related challenges. Imagine, a world without poverty. Now let’s create it.”

The IDEO mantra of “designing a better world” is a fascinating notion. The shift toward ‘design thinking’ means that their employees will learn about the causes of poverty and in turn use graphic, industrial, and architectural design as tools to combat it. It’s like hands on learning and problem solving where your work has a measurable impact on humanity.

While this enterprise is still in it’s infant stage, I’m encouraged by the work that predates Keep an eye out for their launch of “TEDx in a box” and expect great things in the future.