Grocery Store Time Machine

Grocery Store Time Machine

July 29, 2011  |  Branding

Way back in 2009, I posted about some vintage-inspired cereal packaging that I spotted at my local Target store.

Well, it's 2011 and we seem to have taken another step back in time! I was doing some grocery shopping and came across a really cool "vintage" Heinz Ketchup bottle, that I just had to have. I've always had an interest in packaging and as anyone who knows me can attest, the words "limited edition" get me every time! The bottle can be seen above with a bunch of other recently redesigned food & grocery packaging I have spotted in my travels.

Pretty much everywhere you go, you can now find "throwback" food packaging (for instance, I bought some of the Doritos above at a Wawa convenience store). Is this just simply another "retro" trend to move product off the shelves, or is this packaging actually catching on for good? I'd like to think that since Pepsi has added their "Throwback" cola to their permanent line, that's just one more indicator the trend is here to stay.

And how much cooler do the aisles look with all of the incredible color, typography, and iconic simplicity of packaging of the past? Very I'd say. Although I did hold up the checkout line for about 10 minutes while buying the Heinz ketchup, since the cashier had never seen anything like it before!