We Love Baltimore

We Love Baltimore

July 22, 2011  |  Baltimore

I find it interesting that I work at a Baltimore design firm—that was founded in Baltimore—yet, I am the only one that was born and raised and is “from” Baltimore. I have lived in Baltimore all of my life. I wouldn’t call myself an expert on the city, but I do love to explore more about the history, different neighborhoods, new restaurants—everything! 

The Baltimore Sun posted a link this week titled, 100 things we love about Baltimore and obviously I scoured through it to get ideas for things I haven’t seen and to see if any of my “loves” were on there. So it got me thinking—I wonder what all of my co-workers find to be their favorite thing about Baltimore. And what is it that they loved from their hometown. Here are the results!

Hometown: outside of White Lake, MI
Favorite thing about back homeNational Cherry Festival in Traverse City
Favorite thing about Baltimore: Mountain Bike Trails around Loch Raven Reservoir

Hometown: Redding, CT
Favorite thing about back homeThe Sycamore in Bethel, CT for it’s 50’s carhop style and French-Style Steakburgers and Homemade Rootbeer in a frosty mug!
Favorite thing about BaltimoreOregon Ridge Park – and while there, hiking to the top of the ski overlook.

Hometown: Princeton, WV
Favorite thing about back home: Being in the mountains!
Favorite thing about Baltimore: Being close to water - specifically the harbor by Fort McHenry. Another favorite is Peter’s Inn in Fell's Point.

Hometown: Washington Township, NJ
Favorite thing about back home: Driving down to Stone Harbor Beach & Brigantine Beach as often as possible. Two of South Jersey's best beaches! (only 45min away from home)
Favorite thing about BaltimoreFilms on the Pier at Broadway Pier, Fell's Point during the summer months.

Hometown: Richmond Hill, Ontario
Favorite thing about back home: Street Hockey and Canada’s Wonderland
Favorite thing about Baltimore: Jogging at Druid Hill Park around the reservoir

Hometown: Lubbock, TX
Favorite thing about back home: Chip's, a local hole-in-the-wall sports bar, with all my friends. It was our designated meeting spot. Hilarious nights with such good people and the best bar food in town.
Favorite thing about Baltimore: Walking along the water by Fell's Point at night. There's so much good food, fun and lots to see!

And lastly—my favorite thing about Baltimore? The social sports leagues! I have played on kickball, softball and football teams. Tell us what YOU love about Baltimore! We can't wait to hear.