Alright Sans FTW

Alright Sans FTW

July 14, 2011  |  Typography

This week’s Font Hour (a monthly meeting where Orange Element shares and votes on our favorite typefaces to purchase) included the type families:

Ideal Sans
CA Zaracusa
Meta Serif
and Alright Sans.

The winning typeface by a slim margin was Alright Sans, a versatile humanist-sans serif that was designed to be “warm” and “inviting” without feeling “stiff” or “bland.” Great for everything from signage to body copy, Alright Sans bridges the gap between grotesque and humanist. The designer Jackson Cavanaugh rendered 16,592 characters: 1037 in eight different weights to address over 100 languages. We were smitten with the care that was given to the contextual fractions (which “transform unformatted slashes and numbers into proper fractions”), the stylish alternate forms of the ‘a’ ‘e’ and ‘g’ and the old style monetary glyphs. Our hats off to Okay Type for this beautiful family of fonts~

Props to the other typefaces and their respective foundries. Look out for the next Font Hour and feel free to suggest recommendations in the meantime.